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FanArt: Howl by Cursed-9-11 FanArt: Howl :iconcursed-9-11:Cursed-9-11 8 4 FanArt: Grell Sutcliff by Cursed-9-11 FanArt: Grell Sutcliff :iconcursed-9-11:Cursed-9-11 20 9 FanArt: Tsubomi Kido by Cursed-9-11 FanArt: Tsubomi Kido :iconcursed-9-11:Cursed-9-11 3 0 FanArt: Osamu Dazai by Cursed-9-11 FanArt: Osamu Dazai :iconcursed-9-11:Cursed-9-11 14 3 FanArt: Howl by Cursed-9-11 FanArt: Howl :iconcursed-9-11:Cursed-9-11 7 3 Lady's Room by Cursed-9-11 Lady's Room :iconcursed-9-11:Cursed-9-11 7 5 Being Watched by Cursed-9-11 Being Watched :iconcursed-9-11:Cursed-9-11 11 8 Collage by Cursed-9-11 Collage :iconcursed-9-11:Cursed-9-11 5 7 OC: Mitsukushi Kazuya by Cursed-9-11 OC: Mitsukushi Kazuya :iconcursed-9-11:Cursed-9-11 8 6 OC by Cursed-9-11 OC :iconcursed-9-11:Cursed-9-11 11 7 WelcomeTOW episode 01.1 - part2 by Cursed-9-11 WelcomeTOW episode 01.1 - part2 :iconcursed-9-11:Cursed-9-11 2 1 WelcomeTOW episode 01.1 - part1 by Cursed-9-11 WelcomeTOW episode 01.1 - part1 :iconcursed-9-11:Cursed-9-11 2 1 Welcome to Our World Prologue 3 by Cursed-9-11 Welcome to Our World Prologue 3 :iconcursed-9-11:Cursed-9-11 4 1 Welcome to Our World Prologue 2 by Cursed-9-11 Welcome to Our World Prologue 2 :iconcursed-9-11:Cursed-9-11 3 1 OC: Hanazono Naoki by Cursed-9-11 OC: Hanazono Naoki :iconcursed-9-11:Cursed-9-11 6 1 Belated Alien! by Cursed-9-11 Belated Alien! :iconcursed-9-11:Cursed-9-11 8 3


Say It fanart by toby20 Say It fanart :icontoby20:toby20 2 8
It's been a long while.
:iconifiwereaburger:ifiwereaburger 1 1
Pray for the Ph by xMidget Pray for the Ph :iconxmidget:xMidget 5 5 Waterfall light by Powl96 Waterfall light :iconpowl96:Powl96 1,220 84 Soon it will be cold by Powl96 Soon it will be cold :iconpowl96:Powl96 285 39 Here I am again by Powl96 Here I am again :iconpowl96:Powl96 342 47 The hunter by Powl96 The hunter :iconpowl96:Powl96 370 36 Yermo by Powl96 Yermo :iconpowl96:Powl96 337 31 The city never sleeps by Powl96 The city never sleeps :iconpowl96:Powl96 1,604 107
The Underdog game
Tagged by colorist supreme :icontuskat:!!!
First time doing this by being tagged! :iconthatsgreatplz:
Description : the purpose is to showcase the artist you like the most, but who don't get as much exposure as they should in your opinion
Rules :
- Pick your 3 favorites artists that in your opinion doesn't have the exposure they deserve (if you put someone like Genzoman or Artgerm, you'll deserve an orbital facepalm...  )
- Do a journal about with their icon and 3 thumbnails of your favorite art (if you don't know how ask me )
- tag 5 peoples
- do NOT feature the one who tagged you >:U
- add embarassing question if you want
Features :
1. :iconcursed-9-11: :
He's my favorite non-pro manga artist right now! :D
2. :icondeyonside:
This gal has it all, except being featured in DD. I bet d*ckriders will jump her wagon if she gets featured! :D
3: :iconmarkmarvida: :t
:iconoriginalnameless:originalnameless 1 44
[ Art Features ][NEW]
♠  Don't forget to give these lovely's a fave! (~ >w<)~ ♠ 
Because they're mah favourites~ O w O
[ EDIT ] So sorry if it seems unorganized~ I got so confused that there's so many people . . . :iconrazycryplz:
LexiSmiles tagged more than five people! [ Seven Deviations Featured ]
Meme here->

Single Tagged

How to draw MOE ANIME EYES! by arekuun
:iconsketchyrae:SketchyRae 11 107
Comix style meme blank by m-u-h-a Comix style meme blank :iconm-u-h-a:m-u-h-a 391 59 Colour Scheme Challenge by LilianFork Colour Scheme Challenge :iconlilianfork:LilianFork 825 73




FanArt: Grell Sutcliff
Given to my friend Ms. Yuiece Cleiss as part of Facebook's "I'm in" challenge post
FanArt: Tsubomi Kido
Given to Ms. Mardi Exia von Celestia as part of Facebook's "I'm in" challenge post
FanArt: Osamu Dazai
Given to Ms. Jom Peñaflor as part of a Facebook "I'm in" challenge post XD
or is it just my page that's dying? :icongivingupplz:

before, I tend to have a lot of comments per post
and I get excited in reading them and replying (until it turns out to be a chatbox already)

but now... :iconcryforeverplz: I can only see the status "0 comment" below each scrapwork
(and a very few faves too)
huwhaaaaaaa~ I guess it's just really me that's dying!!
(is it because I went into the digital world? or is it because everyone's expecting a lot from my works yet nothing had changed?!! whaaaaaaaaa I'm a failure!!)

but anyway, after some few months, I'll be on hiatus for a year (that'll surely do)
[because I'll now be inside a HELLISH FREAKING MEDSCHOOL!!]
:iconhappytearsplz: I'll still miss deviantArt (so show up and talk to me right now!! XD)


btw, I have tapastic account (and it's a secret)
I'm quite active there, updating weekly that is
and the site is sooooooooooooo aliiiiiiiiiiive (and kicking!!) (=_= unlike dA)

I'm so so so happy to be a part of that site
:iconchymesoo:!! where's you effing account now?!! T^T please give me a link, I'm begging you
  • Listening to: teenagers scare the living sh** out of me! XDD
  • Reading: Thicker Than Blood (at Tapastic, check it out!)
  • Eating: it's fasting!!
  • Drinking: =_= is water allowed during fasting?


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Allen, George, Seb
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Gintama Cult



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Melancholic-Symphony Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You might want to use watermarks. People tend to steal stuff from dA artists a lot. And your art is really good. ^^
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Dark-Blood-Eclipse Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hai :D

Your gallery is Awesome :D I love how you used your colored pencils :icongrinclub:

Welcome to Deviantart!

By the way, I'm from the philippines too :D
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